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BMW and Mini to introduce integrated GoPro app


There’s a slew of action camera footage all over the Internet – filming people while on their bikes, skateboards, paragliding, running or doing any other fast and quick thing. So as to better cater to that crowd it appears that BMW and Mini owners will soon be capable of operating a GoPro camera through their vehicle’s infotainment system.

This GoPro integration is the result of a partnership between the German car maker and the American portable camera manufacturer and will be available from July in 2012 model year and newer vehicles.

The integration will work through the BMW Apps and Mini Connected Systems fitted to certain models and will require drivers to have a Wi-Fi-equipped GoPro camera as well as the GoPro app installed on a connected iPhone 4 or later.

Drivers will be able to aim the camera through the iDrive controller and the vehicle’s central screen and of course presets will be available such as: leisure drive facing out, night driving, sport drive facing out etc.

the app will also display the elapsed recording time, Wi-Fi signal strength, battery life and will also offer the option of putting the camera to sleep between shots.

According to the company, the integration is meant to reduce driver distraction and is a generally good fit for BMW drivers.

Phil Johnston – USA BMW Group AppCenter boss – said that due to the power and flexibility of the BMW Group app integration platform and GoPro’s camera technology, it will now be possible to offer engaging experiences to enthusiasts.

On their side of the coin, GoPro representative – Adam Silver, director of strategic product opportunities – has said that the collaboration has set a new standard in the category and described it s a very important first step on the road to deliver next-level integration between camera and car.

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