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BMW sees a great future in China


The qualities and characteristics of BMW vehicles have made the German carmaker an attractive choice for a variety of buyers from all over the world. This is still valid even though lately it has been said that the company has sort-of lost its edge in the past few years, steadily distancing itself from its original core values.

The company has chose lately to rely heavily on its marketing power and aggressively expand into new territories as well as try to cover as many niches as possible – while creating a few more, but this isn’t exactly a bad thing, it just depends on your point of view.

From the company’s point of view – and their stock-holders who are interested in making a profit – the aggressive expansion part has been serving them very well.

The approach has been so successful that BMW have announced China to be their number one market in 2013, dethroning the U.S. that had been holding the top spot till now.

Deliveries to China in the first half of the year have already surpassed the figures for the States and if that wasn’t enough, they are expected to rise by about ten percent by the end of the year. This doesn’t mean that BMW are luxury leaders in China yet, Audi is for the time being.

But as we mentioned earlier, BMW sees a huge potential in the country because there are a hundred cities with more than a million inhabitants in China and no premium car dealers at all. This means that there are some excellent growth opportunities for all the competing manufacturers, so BMW isn’t the only carmaker trying to set a solid base in China.

Currently Audi hold 29.6 percent of luxury vehicle sales, BMW takes the next spot with 23.6 percent and Mercedes-Benz is at 20.6 percent.

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