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Cadillac announces its strategy for Europe


Cadillac has announced the first steps of it future strategy for growth in Europe, during this year’s Geneva motor show, a strategy which focuses on expanding its product line and customer satisfaction.

According to the carmaker the European growth strategy will rely on the three main pillars: a full-line premium car portfolio that will be expanding continuously, a distinguished brand positioning with a focus on excellent customer focus, and more specific a dedicated European “Start-up” Cadillac team focused on implementing the innovative urban automotive experiences.

The 2014 European lineup from Cadillac is expected to include the ATS coupe and sedan, the new CTS sedan, the SRX crossover as well as the all-new Escalade SUV.

Besides its own models – and as a consequence of Chevrolet’s withdrawal from Europe – Cadillac dealerships will also be selling the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray coupe and convertible, the corvette Z06 performance version – starting with spring of 2015 – and the Camaro coupe and convertible.

The company also says that it plans to introduce in-car broadband and OnStar telematics services in Europe in what they said to be “in the not too distant future”.

Thomas Sedran – President and Managing Director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe – stated that Cadillac is considering itself a real ‘challenger brand’ in Europe and they understand that they have a lot of work ahead for them in order to make themselves relevant to the European premium customer. After all, Cadillac is a niche premium brand and there’s always competition in that niche however, they do plan to challenge the traditional marketing approaches as well as the approaches to selling premium vehicles in general.

Cadillac sales in the U.S. Rose a whopping twenty-two percent last year, a great feat for the American auto industry in general, their growth being double that of the overall numbers. Interestingly enough, outside its home-base, the brand gre by about thirty percent, China being the leader for this growth.

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