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Cam Shaft celebrates Ayrton Senna with a premium vinyl wrap

Lotus Esprit John Player Special by Cam Shaft Germany

The 1 of May has come and gone, and while most of us celebrated Labor Day by not laboring, others celebrated a man who died on the 1st of May 1994, a man named Ayrton Senna da Silva.

Since we will be talking pretty much exclusively about cars and the automobile world on this blog, it only makes sense to acknowledge one generally considered to be one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers to have ever raced.

This Brazilian showed great promise from the very moment he raced a kart for the first time at age 13. He had been infatuated with racing ever since he received a miniature go-kart as a present from his father on his fourth birthday. His meteoric rise through the ranks of the racing world took everyone by surprise. The man was driven to extend his limits and go faster than the last run, it is said that he was obsessed with constantly bettering himself, a goal that would eventually make him into something of a martyr.

He drove for Lotus for three seasons, in which he starter from pole position sixteen times and won six races, and our story revolves around Lotus.

The German customizer Cam Shaft chose to celebrate Ayrton Senna by creating a vinyl wrap for an old Lotus Esprit. Back in 1985 Senna drove for the Lotus team in a black-and-gold John Player Special Lotus 97T.

The Lotus Esprit is the only Lotus production car to feature a V8 engine and developed 285 lb-ft of torque from a 354 hp engine. Weight in at 3,042 pounds, it only needed 4.9 seconds to reach 62 mph.

The wrapping itself features the John Player logos as well as a reproduced gold signature of Ayrton Senna alongside a hold number 12 on the side, this being Senna’s race number.

There would be many more things to say about Ayrton Senna’s life and career, despite living only 34 years, those were very intense and interesting years, he is still missed by those who loved him and who admired him on the racing track.

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