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Chrysler and its probing of the EV market

Chrysler Fait-EV500

Chrysler has only mass-produced one electrified vehicle in its long history, and the Durango hybrid has been discontinued. However there are rumors that Chrysler is considering venturing into the realm of electric vehicles again, but it is not known if they’ll go full EV or for another hybrid system.

The leader of the engine and electrified propulsion engineering department from Chrysler has said that they are considering electrification for certain applications. This can be translated into a very careful approach towards the electric propulsion market, till Chrysler can get a better idea whether or not there is such a market to be had among its usual buyers.

This type of approach shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider the recent history of the company that has required saving not once, but twice from financial problems, the first time by Daimler and then by Fiat. Now the roles have changed, with Chrysler bringing in a profit and keeping the parent company Fiat, from going under – it’s funny how that happens sometimes.

Apropos of Fiat though, it has been confirmed that Fiat is planning to start production of the rather anticipated 500EV – the electric-powered Fiat 500. It is expected that the 500 EV will go into production later this year and should be ready for release during the 2013 model year.

This model will most likely be used by Chrysler as a test in order to see how profitable of an idea it is, or it isn’t. All signs however point to the 500EV being quite a success with the public, which would mean that Chrysler would follow it with their own small EV model. Who knows, we could expect even the Viper to start utilizing some form of a hybrid system, considering that Ferrari are going to install such a system in their Enzo/F70.

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