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Competition for Smart For Two from Mini Cooper

The Brits from Mini are not ready to give up on the Rocketman concept just yet. Destined for glory but having remained a concept car, the Rocketman was first introduced in 2011. With its panoramic glass roof and frame made of carbon fiber, the smaller version of the regular Mini Cooper estimated lower toxic emissions and fuel economy.

The plans of Mini changed at that time, but according Auto Express, citing the most reliable sources – Anders Warming, head of design for the British manufacturer, the Rocketman is to be updated and finally launched on the open auto market.

Details are still to be unveiled, but rumor has it that Mini are preparing a new-gen small car, lightweight and designed as the ultimate city car. Though having the Rocketman as inspiration and starting point, the new Mini concept is not likely to preserve much of the features of the anterior model. Instead, it is likely to use a lot of Aluminium as opposed to the carbon fiber body.

It is still difficult to set a time for the launching of the new Mini model. Aside from the technical issues (the designers and engineers are still working on this), Mini are looking for a production platform. It has been reported that the Brits are looking for a collaboration with the Japanese company Toyota to develop a new sports car. Who knows, if this partnership proves successful, we might find Japanese know-how coupled with the European style in the new Rocketman(-like) Mini model.

Meanwhile, this is alarming news for the people in Smart, as competition for Smart For Two from Mini Cooper is expected for the near future. Nevertheless, with the British manufacturer not having either the platform nor the tech and design clearly figured out yet, there might still be a few years before we see the new Mini model on the streets.

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