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Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is the third-largest island in it, after Sicily and Sardinia. It is a strange mixture of culture and influences, a place where Western European cultural influences mingle with those from Asia and Africa creating something truly special. Having long been of interest to both mainland Greece and Turkey, Cyprus has managed to maintain its unique and definite character.

The uniqueness of the place is further compounded by its duality, it is known either as an island of ‘sin’ or an island of ‘fun’ by those who have visited it. There are parts of the island where it is extremely modern and, some might say, overly developed, and on the other hand there are some parts where you can still find a more traditional way of life.

Cyprus coastal village

Cyprus coastal village

Most tourists will gravitate towards well known tourist centers like Pafos, Agia Napa or Limasol and those are absolutely great when you’re interested in visiting a nice and sunny place where you can enjoy all the trappings of modern life that you had back home. However there are some individuals who prefer to do something different with their holidays and venture farther than the main cities; those who do this on Cyprus will find small villages where traditions are still alive not to mention nice and remote beaches.

Cyprus is so much more than tourist cities and beaches, you can look for and walk through citrus groves along the Northcoast or climb to the medieval castles which offer great views of the island and its surroundings.

All of these don’t even include all the archaeological and antiquities sites which can be found scattered all around the island the oldest of which date back to the Stone Age, Cyprus has something for everyone.

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