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December Holiday Destinations – Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

It is very interesting to think about the fact that while you are experiencing the winter months in your home country, someone in the other hemisphere is actually enjoying their summer months so going on your winter holiday means that you can in fact enjoy summer weather.

Brasil is one such place, when most of Europe for instance, is dealing with varying degrees of chilly December weather, Rio de Janeiro is at the beginning of its summer season, and as such that is actually the high season there.

It has to be said from the onset that Rio is a very divided place, on the one hand there’s the rhythmic, rocking, partying Rio, and on the other there’s the reckless, risque and even dangerous Rio.

The attraction of the city stems both from its geographical characteristics as well as its wonderful and vibrant culture and atmosphere.

The sightseeing options in Rio are a true visual feast, thanks to the natural setting and the atmosphere, Rio is indeed a ‘marvelous city’ as it is called by its inhabitants.

The skyline of the city is backed up by the fascinating backdrop offered by the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer presides over the entire city. The Sugar Loaf Mountain can be accessed by cable car and reaching the Hunchbeak Peak where the statue is located you can reach by cog train. The views and panoramas offered by these peaks are truly wonderful and this is partly the reason why they are so popular with tourists.

Of course Rio is well known for its beaches, most famous amongst them being the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches which are basically landmarks of the city, both of which having been immortalized in popular culture and songs throughout the decades.

When it comes to the more traditional type of attractions, you can always visit one of the city’s museums, especially the Museu Nacional. the Museu de Fauna in Quinta da Boa and the Museu Nacional de Beles Artes, but there are several more to choose from if you want to jump into the museum scene further.

Besides the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is considered to be on the wonders of the modern world, there are other monuments in and around Rio, such as the Nossa Senhora da Gloria, a beautiful church built in 1791 which features remains of blue-faced Brazilian tiling. In a similar vein the church of Nossa Senhora da Penha features a staircase of 365 steps which are carved into bare rock and in October, pilgrims ascend these stairs on their knees.

Of course we can’t end an article about Rio de Janeiro without talking at least a bit about the Carnaval. Individuals from the whole world over travel to Rio just for this one event, an event that has become synonymous with wild partying, riotous revelry, gorgeous and scantly clad women, dancing, drumming and very fancy dresses.

This has been just a quick overview of what you can expect when visiting Rio but as it is with any other place on the planet, your expectations will usually be surpassed or completely wrong.

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