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Drivers of which brand are the most unfaithful


We tend to focus a lot on very serious matter here on this blog, talking about new models and technologies, most of them green tinted, and even when we talk about survey we tend to talk about serious ones, but not always. Today is one of the days in which we’ll look at a car related survey that is anything but serious but is nonetheless very fun.

According to a leading UK married dating website, it appears that Audi drivers are the most likely to cheat on their partners.

Yes this source is a bit of an arguable one considering it deals in arranging dates for people who are already married, but the information is still rather interesting to note. The site’s survey showed that Audi was the most commonly purchased car brand by site members.

The survey was taken last year as well, but then the leader was BMW, this year however, BMW was bumped to second place by Audi. Now we should mention that the website has a whopping three quarter of a million members – of obviously dubious morals – but the website did not disclose exactly how many of them took part in the survey.

The top three is completed by Mercedes-Benz, completing a German trifecta at the top, while Volvo and Volkswagen rounded out the top five automotive brands preferred by those who are into adultery.

French brand Peugeot was at the other end of the list, with only 0.38 percent of respondents admitting to owning the French brand. This doesn’t really say that Peugeot drivers are the least likely to cheat, but more that French cars are the least popular among cheaters.

The second from the bottom was also French brand Renault, with Rover, Skoda and Hyundai numbering among the five least likely vehicle brands to be owned by unfaithful partners.


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