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Eindhoven – Industrial, cosmopolitan and tech savvy

Eindhoven overview

When talking about the Netherlands one usually automatically thinks of Amsterdam, and for good reason. The country’s capital has forged a truly recognised brand name throughout the years, and for most people that is what they think of when the subject of the Netherlands arises.

However there are other cities in the country, and we’ll be taking a short look at one of them, the fifth-larges city actually, Eindhoven.

Situated in the south of the country, Eindhoven is nowadays an industrial city, however before the beginning of the 20th century it was nothing more than a village which busied itself with various industrial activities, especially tobacco and textiles. But then a small light bulb company made its appearance, a small company by the name of Phillips.

While the city is definitely a working city as opposed to a tourist one, it still features many interesting attractions and it’s a great place to visit if you’re interested in seeing the way of life in Holland.

The city is home to the country’s second-busiest airport, after the major continental hub that is Amsterdam Airport, and this plays into the city’s reputation of embracing technology and the twentieth century with open arms.

We mentioned earlier that this is where Phillips started as a light bulb company, well you can visit its oldest factory – which dates back to 1891 – because it was transformed into a museum and exposition area focused on the development of the light bulb.

Being a symbol of design and technology, you can expect to meet some rather peculiar and interesting buildings while on your visit to Eindhoven, for instance one of the most popular museum, the Van Abbemuseum – which features a variety of exhibitions dealing with modern art – is housed in an incredible structure designed by Abel Cahen.

But as part of its focus on design and technology, the city didn’t forget about the concept of contrast and as such De Collse Water Mill – which was immortalized in Van Gogh‘s painting – is still up an running, thus ideally contrasting with the overall modern feel of the Eindhoven.

Automobile lovers will have a particular spot in Eindhoven they’ll want to visit, the DAF Museum; the place houses over a hundred and twenty historic vehicles and automobiles and tells the story of how the car was developed.

These have been only a few examples of what you can find in Eindhoven, as you can plainly see, even if it is not a tourist city per se, it still offers many possible attractions.


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