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Expansion plans for Jaguar F-Type


The British marquee Jaguar seems to be taking a leaf out of Porsche’s book and launch a new derivative of the Jaguar F-Type every twelve to eighteen months, over the car’s lifecycle.

The global bran director Adrian Hallmark said that everything from a targa-top version of the F-Type to the ultra-high-performance all-wheel-drive flagship models are discussed to appear between now and the end of the car’s lifecycle in 2020.

Having worked at Porsche for ten years, he said he does have a level of affinity for the brand and then went on to explain how at that company there’s an almost paranoid obsession with managing the lifecycle of a particular vehicle, because every year they want to offer a new reason for clients to take another look at their model and maybe get a new one, even if they don’t really need one.

Launching the Jaguar F-Type cabriolet – which is a more difficult vehicle to develop than a conventional hardtop from the engineering standpoint – made developing additional body styles with increased rigidity and body stiffness much easier, hence the idea of adopting for a Porsche-like philosophy appeared.

The particular type of body styles that will be added to the F-Type have yet to be confirmed, but also according to Hallmark, doing a coupe will be simple, as well as a targa. He also added that they’ll also keep the prototype body tools so that they can make slight differences here and there at relatively low cost on a low volume but with a high added perceived value. Basically the potential for the F-Type is massive.

Jaguar plan on building a modern, intelligent sports car, it’s not going to be about sheer brute force, it has to be manageable and rewarding on every level, and this is the reason behind making the F-Type an all-wheel drive vehicle as well, because it needed that in order to manage the high power that it also offers.

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