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Ferrari F70 will sport a Formula One chassis

Ferrari F70 carbonfibre chassis

The successor to the Ferrari Enzo supercar will officially be twenty percent lighter, twenty-two percent stiffer and twenty-seven percent more rigid because it will feature a new Formula One-inspired carbonfibre chassis.

The new model, dubbed as the Ferrari F70 during its development phase, will be designed and built using materials, methodologies, construction processes, instruments and staff that are usually involved with Ferrari’s Formula One team.

The new Enzo will benefit from the input of former Formula One Ferrari designer Rory Byrne, who said that the limited-production hybrid hypercar will actually be using racing carbonfibre, as opposed to conventional industrial carbonfibre techniques normally used in the automotive industry.

The chassis will actually feature four different types of carbonfibre and it is hand-laminated before sending it to be cured in autoclaves.

The main part will be made out of T800 carbon which will be reinforced with T800UD unidirectional carbonfibre tape. M46J carbonfibre will make up the structural underbody and cross-member, while areas like the doors will feature very strong T1000 carbonfibre – the same one used for F1 car nose cones – to enhance the impact absorption.

That’s not all though, the undertray actually features Kevlar combined with carbonfibre in order to prevent any damage that may be done by debris flicked up from the road.

Ferrari is revealing the new Enzo in parts, like pieces of the puzzle, with a similarly Formula One-inspired hybrid powertrain being uncovered at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The HY-KERS system was comprised of a V12 engine, two electric motors and a dual-clutch transmission, and according to Ferrari it will reduce the emissions of the new Enzo by up to forty percent when compared with the non-hybrid powertrain of equal output.

The Ferrari F70 will be launched in 2013, about the same time that the other hybrid hypercar rivals will launch their vehicles, the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918.

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