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Finland – Travel destination regardless of season

Finland lake

For most people the country of Nordic country of Finland is a place of almost perpetual winter, the place where Lapland can be found, alongside the nomadic lifestyle of the Sami, ice hotels and great snow related activities. And while all of those things are indeed true there is also another face to Finland, that of being one of the world’s centers of ecological tourism, however with this in mind its main cities play host to a variety of attractions, high class hotels and very interesting shopping opportunities.

It’s interesting to contrast the general view of these cold, Nordic countries with what the actually reality is, the fact is that Finland, while relatively cold for a large chunk of the year, still has a summer season, period in which many of the restaurants and cafes that populate its cities will arrange summer terraces so that their patrons can enjoy the fresh air while partaking in a world of specific tastes and aromas.

Similarly one might not think too much about the night life here, because of the cold, but the inhabitants here are much more resilient than those used to a more temperate climate, so you’ll be amazed to see the night life of the city being not only hot, but steaming all throughout the year.

Most museums and art galleries will have their doors open to visitors both during the summer and the winter.

While the urban setting of Finland surely offers plenty of attraction, distractions and activities with which one can occupy his or her time, it is the beautiful nature of Finland that offers most to its intrepid visitors.

The more adventurous tourist will enjoy visiting Finland regardless of the season, because usually people who love the outdoors and generally prefer active rest will surely have a lot to do when exploring the country’s national parks and recreation areas. These are open space areas where you can spend the night camping and collect mushrooms and berries – within reasonable limits.

The place is great during the summer season, and many visitors will choose to visit the country between the months of May and September as the number of activities that one can engage in is rather high, ranging from horseback riding and biking to playing golf or going on a cruise along the coast.

For those who love winter activities, then everything you might have already heard of Finland is true.

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