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First large scale vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology study

We’ve talked about the up-and-coming field of car-to-car communication on a few occasions, and today we’ll be reporting on what promises to be the largest study of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology.

The study will be conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and it will be made up of about three thousand cars, trucks and buses.

The vehicles will be outfitted with sensors so as to allow for wireless inter-vehicle communication in order collect and then transmit information between each other.

The study is federally funded and once completed; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will review the information and then make a decision about the implementing of this type of technology into federal vehicle regulations.

This technology of vehicle-to-vehicle communication is thought to help in preventing a lot of accidents in the future, in fact the estimation is that one day such a technology could prevent up to eighty percent of crashes which do not involve impaired drivers.

Eight major carmakers are part of this study, each of them contributing eight cars to be part of the test fleet.

Different vehicles will be equipped with different technologies, for instance some of them will have warning systems installed that will alert drivers if and when a crash is imminent, while others will only feature the technology to communicate with each other while not also notifying the drivers of any potential risks.

This study will take place at the same time as a 117 km stretch of the Ann Arbor roadway will be outfitted with similar communication technologies.

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