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Ford is looking at Blackberry instead of Microsoft


Reports are stating that Ford is interested in dropping its highly criticized Microsoft Sync connectivity system and is going for an alternative tech offered by rival Blackberry. This shift was caused by a major number of complaints about the Windows-based system.

The Microsoft-powered Sync system has proven to be quite a problem for Ford, with customer satisfaction surveys in the US taking a massive hit due to malfunctions and usability issues. In fact many Ford reviews have highlighted the Sync system as a weakness.

According to a Bloomberg report there is a link between Ford and the ailing Canadian tech brand, thus bucking the trend of most other car companies teaming up with Google or Apple in order to bring the next gen of in-car technology systems to the market.

It appears that Ford is favoring the QNX system from Blackberry due to its leading cross-platform compatibility. The report doesn’t offer a timeline for the transition, though it is thought that the new operating system, if approved, will be rolled out in at least six to twelve months from now.

According to customer surveys made by research firm Accenture, 39 percent of US car buyers rank in-car tech as the top selling point for purchases when compared with just fourteen percent who rate power and speed in top spot.

There was a time when Blackberry was a dominant player in the smartphone market but that market share has dropped to well under one percent because of the advancement of Google and Apple. Blackberry’s shareprice has also plummeted by 95 percent since 2008.

Google has teamed up with technology firm Nvidia and car makers General motors, Honda and Hyundai to bring their Android operating system to the road.

Apple – on the other hand – has teamed up with BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan to bring their iOS in the car. Audi already feature an Android-based system for their Audi Connect operating system.

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