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Get your girlfriend a car for Christmas!

Dear friends and car lovers of all around the world, we decided to go for a title like “Get your girlfriend a car for Christmas” instead of something like “Top cars for women”, because the latter did seem to be a bit sexist. Car lovers are car lovers no matter their gender and being a woman doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate a muscle car.
But beyond misconceptions and generalizations, sales all around the Globe show that women buyers do have a prediction for certain models.
And since the winter season of gifts is approaching, we thought it might be a good idea to send the (rather wealthy) spouses and boyfriends a reminder that a car is both a practical and a suitable present to truly show your love and appreciation for your female better half.
So here is a list :
This may come out as a true cliché, but MINI is indeed probably number one on everyone’s list of cars targeting a female driver public. Small and cute, the MINI is a dream for many a chick driver girl.
Volvo is a more suitable choice for strong and independent women. Stable, reliable and fitted with the latest gadgets, the Volvo C70 is an excellent option, just as well as the S40 will bring a smile on your special woman’s face.
For decades, the Volkswagen Beetle has graced the garage of many a driver, but lately the focus of the sales department has been on female drivers, who enjoy its retro look and classical features.
Mazda would be the really posh choice – not that it weren’t any ambitious girl’s dream.
As for a good and preferably red-colored BMW, a smart girl will always know to tell a simple car from a household brand!
Santa boyfriends, it seems like you really have an important decision to make this Christmas!

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