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Google has opened a self-driving facility in Michigan

Have you heard the news? Google has opened a self-driving facility in Michigan. We assimilate the name “Google” with internet browsing, but lately they have expanded their scope as far as the automotive domain.

So here they are, siding with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to open a grand self-driving technological center in Michigan (to be more precise, in Novi, a suburb of the city of Detroit). Here, the giant tech corporation plans to enlist Fiat Chrysler in their brave attempt at creating the best self-driving car on the market. We’ll see how all that pans out, but since they have been so successful so far in the so competitive Internet world, we have no doubt they will surely give their best, along with experts and dedicated people ready to make their dream come true.

The new Google facility measures 53.000 sq-ft and the production unit is scheduled to move here this very year. Top priority: getting to work on their Chrysler Pacifica self-driving minivan! FCA will be in charge of the design and creation of the car; meanwhile, the Google IT experts will develop the autonomous driving software, as well as the technologies necessary to both produce and test the prototype as realistically as possible.

With the opening of this new tech center in Michigan, Google joins the other car manufacturers in the region. Before collaborating with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Google worked with Roush on a pod-like self-driving test car, also built in Michigan. Plus there were rumours that Google was debating a possible partnership with Ford. one thing’s for sure: though Google remains secretive when it comes to their business partners, we have only great surprises to expect from them.

Soon, we will see their prototypes in shows and then on the streets. Meanwhile, we have “real cars” to book from car rental international.

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