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Great camping sites from around the world

Today we’re going to talk about a topic related to travel, and very close to many holiday makers hearts across the globe, the topic is camping and great camping sites from around the world.

Usually people try to go to a place where they can relax while on holiday, but the truth of the matter is that most people will say that they actually come back from their holiday considerably more tired than when they left.

Some take a different approach to their vacation time, they enjoy a bit of adventure while on their trip, and for those who aren’t into backpacking and hiking around an area, camping is a very good choice, so let’s talk about some potential places where that can happen.

Le Val de Cantobre in Aveyron, France

This area is part of the Grands Causses Regional Park which features some of France’s most beautiful landscapes, such as the Gorges du Tarn. This particular park campsite is set on the grounds of a medieval farmhouse with the pitches being arranged on terraces which look down the valley.

The Four Seasons Tented Camp, Golden Triangle in Thailand

This is definitely a destination for those who want to experience an exotic spot in a new way. It doesn’t exactly fit in with our theme of ‘adventure’ camping but it’s something to keep in mind. This is a place that will offer top-notch Four Seasons style pampering while supplying the experience of living in canvas cabins.

The Warren in Folkestone, Kent

This camping and caravanning site is located at the top of the well known white cliffs that stretch between Dover and Folkestone. While the main part of the site is indeed very exposed to the elements, one can find many secluded hideaways in among the trees.

Playa Montroig camping resort in Tarragona, Spain

Set right next to a wonderfully fine and sandy beach, this camping site features tropical gardens as well as many amenities and entertainment options, the Tam-Tam eco-park for instance, being great if you’re traveling with kids.

FerienParadies Natterer See, in Austria

Located in an unspoilt and picturesque area of the Austrian Alps near Innsbruck, this wonderful mountain camping site has more than seventy-five years under its belt, it’s an excellent location featuring two lakes and a slew of fun activities.

These have been only a couple of examples from various places around the world, you can rest assured that there are many more, maybe even in your country of origin that you didn’t know about, all you have to do is do a little bit of research and you’ll find out.



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