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How to avoid holiday stress

After months of working hard for your job or any other pursuits, we know what every fiber of your mind is craving for: a holiday! But even though going away, escaping reality for a few days at least, is the dream of most anybody, the whole organization of a holiday getaway involves preparations that may throw the weak hearted into a hell-like frenzy. So let’s look up a couple of tips meant to teach you how to avoid holiday stress.


1. Take some time and plan in advance. Now, we are not here advocating for being a control-freak that throws a tantrum if the finest detail is not in place – far from it! On the contrary, planning in advance instead of stressing to get all things ready in the last couple of days before departure may be a great plan.


So book your lodgings, plane tickets and transport at the destination in advance. In the case of airport transfers, a couple of days in advance is usually acceptable in order to find a deal, but take care when booking a rental car: it is advisable to book a long time in advance, especially around holidays, when the rent a car companies are fully booked!


2. Get some sleep! The human body and mind are designed to last, but you must also remember to treat yourself to some rest before embarking on a journey – don’t start your holiday tired and stressed!


3. Do as little as possible! Here we are, encouraging laziness. But one of the most efficient ways to avoid stress is to have as empty a schedule as possible.


4. Throw your phone away! (Or at least forget it at home – or in a bag – from time to time.) Remember, it is strictly forbidden to perform any form of office-related activity!


5. Remember you are doing this for fun and for yourself! Don’t turn your holiday into a stressful event by organizing a hectic schedule or by fretting over last-minute details. Relax and enjoy!

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