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Information about the road tolls on Algarve A22 motorway & prices

Bridge Between Spain and the Algarve

Since December 13th 2011, the administrator of the Algarve A22 motorwayViaLivre – has started charging tolls to access the motorway. The A22 toll stations are exclusively electronic and they require the installing of a special electronic device on one’s car in order to allow the vehicle to pass through the stations.

Unfortunately there are no such electronic devices designed specifically for rented cars and this means that until such a device is made available, all our cars will be delivered without them. However the Portuguese lawmakers kept this in mind and there are special rules in place for car rentals wishing to gain access to the A22.

Starting with the 1st of January 2012 till June 20th 2012, all the car rental companies which conduct their business in the Algarve are obligated to pay a 6-month permission fee in order to allow their cars to use the toll roads freely. This is a mandatory decision for Portuguese car rental companies and they have been allowed to charge locally a tolls tax.

After July 1st 2012, all rentals cars will have been fitted with specially designed electronic devices meant to identify them by the A22 tools system. Once this happens the clients will have to provide a valid credit card as well as sign a contract with one of the companies in charge of the tolls charges. This is so that all the toll charges will be charged directly to the credit card.

The Algarve tolls price for each gate you can see it below in the following image:

A22 toll prices

Since May 2012 you can check online on the CTT post office website  what is the amount that you have to pay by entering the registration number of the car. The only inconvenience is that the page is in Portuguese so you will need some help with the translation. Also if you are in Algarve you can pay locally to the Payshop stores.

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