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Lamborghini to make their fastest production car ever


In order to celebrate their 50th year of existence, Lamborghini has revealed that they will launch its fastest car ever at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

This has been confirmed by none other than Filippo Perini – Lamborghini’s design director – who said that the new  will be revealed at Geneva.

This is considered to be the Lamborghini’s fastest ever production car and it will be very low volume, it is expected that a maximum of ten cars will be produced, and most of them have already been sold most likely.

It would appear that there’s not much other motivation behind the making of such an extreme car other than shock factor, and we do have to mention that this won’t be the first time Lamborghini creates an insanely exclusive limited edition model. But rest assured that there’s no shortage of able and willing buyers, even when considering the economic doom and gloom that still lingers above the world economy.

Way back in 1968 it made the unique Miura Roadster and then it followed that one up in the 1970s with the Lamborghini Miura Jota.

Also recently, the Italian carmaker revealed the limited edition and track-only Sesto Elemento at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. The company only built twenty of them and according to reports they’ve been sold for 1.9 million Euros each.

When it comes to the Lamborghini Aventador J – which is even more extreme – was sold off the initial sketches for somewhere around 2 million Euros plus taxes, and also it was paid up front.

One has to keep in mind that one-off vehicles and low volume special editions are part of what makes Lamborghini such a unique brand, and this philosophy allows them to be purists in their concept and design.

An interesting note was made by the director of research and development, that the car that will be shown in Geneva will be road compliant.

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