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Las Vegas – A place of modern myth and legends

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a truly remarkable place, not only thanks to its incredible history, starting off as a Western cowboy town and turning into the gambling Mecca of the United States, but also because it is something of a technological marvel, it’s an artificially created oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert; but that’s only the starting point of how insanely interesting, hedonistic and weird this place can be.

The reputation of Las Vegas revolves around the fact that gambling is legal here and as such the many casinos that populate the place are the life-blood of the entire city. However that is not enough, because the casinos are so much larger than life than one would think, they are like temples dedicated to sin and their job is to keep you within their walls for as long as you can pay, using mesmerizing lights, floor-shows, no windows and no clocks.

Most if not all of Sin City‘s reputation was built starting with the late ’50s, when it started to become the place where movie and music stars of the time, especially Frank Sinatra‘s Rat Pack would hang out and party. At the same time though, the mob was starting to make its presence felt in the city as well and ties between celebrities and it have long been the stuff of legend.

The place has gone through a series of building booms, series of casinos have been torn down over and over again, only to be replaced by ones that are much bigger and brighter every time. Nowadays, the city is proud of this reputation and is constantly changing and trying to keep pace with contemporary life.

Thanks to its location and characteristics there is no one time that makes Las Vegas better to visit in, the weather is constantly the same – it is in the desert after all – and considering that all of its attractions are constantly being upgraded and updated there’s no particular celebrations that take place at any one point in time that don’t take place every day. Temperature wise there are some differences between the spring and autumn temperatures and those in the summer when the heat and humidity combination can prove to be rather oppressive so you may want to consider that if you don’t deal well with humidity.

As far as attractions go, we’ll just mention a couple of the major ones that you might have already seen in other popular media, be it movies or documentaries.

The Bellagio dancing fountains are something of a viral hit on the Internet, having been made famous when they were features towards the end of the 2001 Ocean’s Eleven remake, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and a slew of other very well-known and very talented actors. If you’re here, you cannot miss the dancing fountains show.

Then of course there’s Cirque du Soleil, the Gun Store or the Erotic Heritage Museum just to name a few of the many more various attractions and sights that the city itself offers. You can also visit the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam on a day trip, its all up to you and what you want to make of your time in Sin City.

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