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Last Boston auto lawn event gathers classic Japanese cars

After the recent American auto event at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, where about 400 Japanese classic cars lined up for a celebration attended by some 10.000 visitors, the Americans are looking forward to more Oriental old mean wheels, as the last Boston auto lawn event gathers classic Japanese cars in a display of elegance and tradition.

Scheduled for October 20th in Boston, at the auto museum, this year’s Japanese Car Day is probably going to be the last outdoors car event of the season, as autumn and the cold weather are finally getting comfortable settled on this coast.

Next weekend, at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, you will have the rare occasion to witness the history of the vehicles that traveled all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun to the welcoming American land of hope. It is a less prominent event than the famous Japanese Classic Car Show that took place at the end of this September in Long Beach, in the sunny California. But although the Japanese Car Day features less cars and enjoys less press and public attention, it is sure to provide the most welcoming atmosphere and be an unforgettable outing for all automobile enthusiasts present.

The star of the hundred motorcycles and automobiles featured has always been the Datsun Z (in all its forms), and its popularity is ever growing. Last year, the “queen of the prom” was the Autozam AZ-1 (a popular Suzuki model), which took the “crown” from the previous year’s revelation, the Mazda RX-4.

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Boston is a non-profit institution which hosts educational and community events, as well as shows, tours, lectures and children’s programs aside from the obvious car related events and new motor exhibits that tell the history of cars and how they have become a necessity and a privilege in our everyday life and culture.

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