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Lesser-known Italian coastal destinations

The Amalfi Coast

Italy is a great travel destination for a plethora of reasons, whether you’re interesting in the wonderfully varied cuisine, the interesting culture that varies by region or the history and culture of the place, Italy has many-many things to offer its visitors, but today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best places in Italy to enjoy a dip in the sea, places that you may not have heard of yet.


The Amalfi Coast – Costiera Amalfitana

This region amounts to about fifty kilometers of rocky brilliance, a region recognized by the Unesco World Heritage site for being one of the planet’s finest creations of both natural and human-built beauty. The region’s hillside features medieval towns which tumble towards the sea, and white Baroque villas can be seen towering over regions of more leveled ground. However that is not all, the entire region is also dotted with terraces populated by lemon groves and vineyards, all of which overlooking the sea, it’s indeed a very idyllic place.


Maratea in Basilicata

Now the Amalfi Coast is rather well-known but there are lesser-known coasts in Italy which will also be less of a strain on your wallet as well. For instance the coastline of Maratea in Basilicata looks like a mini-Amalfi, being only twenty kilometers long, however as opposed to the Amalfi it doesn’t have that high-end attitude and it has a wonderful Rio-Style statue of Cristo overseeing it from a mountaintop.



Heading farther south you’ll reach the region of Puglia where you can find many coastal destinations, such as the mysterious Gargano Peninsula which features rocky harbors, deep blue waters and thick woods. One of the region’s more inspirational areas can be found between Otranto and Santa Maria de Leuca – this region features dramatic rocks and soft-sand beaches which benefit from the backdrop of shady forests.



Many travelers and non-travelers have heard of Sicily, the island has an absolutely sensational coastline, however if you head over to the seven Aeolian islands, you will find yourself in a place that is far removed from the island you just left. These are made up of a jagged volcanic ridge, and they’ve made their first appearance in Homer’s Odyssey, and once you get there you’ll understand why, the epic landscape seems to have sprung from a myth itself.



The region of Tuscany is usually more well-known thanks to its famous inland locations, however the Etruscan Coast – Costa degli Etruschi – is where you’ll find some of the most beautiful region of the Mediterranean. Dotted with ancient ruins and featuring a wine route, edged by searing-blue waters as well as the island of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled.

These have been only a few lesser-known locations and regions to visit on your next Italy trip, keep them in mind if you’re looking for a special type of experience.



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