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Little known island getaways

Continuing a bit with our series of articles related to tropical holiday destinations, today we’ll be talking about some very little known island getaways from around the globe.

While the Bahamas are hardly a little known holiday destination, one can still find little-known or less popular islands to visit, and Staniel Cay is one such island.

It is located in the East Caribbean in the Bahamas Out Islands, it is less than two square miles in size and boasts a staggering population of 80. This island is part of the Exuma Cays chain of islands which are famously either private or ultraexlusive but Staniel Cay is the exception. Pretty much anybody can stay in a cottage on stilts over the ocean at the only lodging on the island, the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for around $176 per night. Besides the deserted beaches and potential for sailing and cruising the island has a particularly interesting and weird feature, swimming pigs.

About 220 miles off the coast of Brazil, in the Western Atlantic, you can find the seven square mile Fernando De Noronha island. This island is part of an archipelago which is made up of the peaks of a submerged mountain range. Only the largest of the islands is populated but interestingly enough its beaches and coves are never crowded, and that is because the government restrict tourism to 420 visitors at any one time. The archipelago is located at the confluence of two major ocean currents and this brings a huge variety of marine life thus making the place ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Just off the coast of France you can find the Ile de Re. This island is actually connected to the mainland via a two-mile bridge. Now you might think that this makes it a rather popular spot since it required the building of a two-mile bridge but the great thing about this island is that most of its surface area is protected so commercialism hasn’t had any way of seeping in. it’s a great place to explore forests, dunes and vineyards as well as a very traditional way of living.

These are just three examples of little-known islands where you could spend your holiday, once you start looking for off the beaten track places, you will surely find more.

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