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Maldive’s artificial golf course

The Government of the Maldives has recently entered a joint-venture project with Dutch Docklands that has led to a very ambitious plan to create floating developments on more than 800 hectares/ 80 million sq.ft of water.

Dutch Docklands is one of the biggest companies involved in floating development technology and the project that they have agreed on with the Maldives Government is meant for an above and below water golf course. The model of the future course showed a series of man-made islands featuring several holes which will be linked to each other via underwater tunnels through which the golfers can move from one island to another.

The technology behind floating infrastructure have been tested in various other situations such as floating roads and the proven technology shows various possibilities.

The company has set the date for the golf course’s opening for sometime in 2015 and the costs for the entire endeavor will reach the 500 million dollar mark.

Just imagine how it will be to play golf on this amazing island (you can use our Maldives car hire services). Please check our photos.

Photos: Forbes

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