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Mazda to use regenerative breaks in their future models

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

Mazda have recently announced that they’ll be adding some fuel-saving technology to the redesigned Mazda6 sedan which is due to be launched in early 2013.

They’re planning on harnessing the wasted kinetic brake energy by installing a regenerative braking system. The kinetic energy is converted into electricity which is then stored in a capacitor, which in turn will be used by the car to power various things like the fuel pump, the lights, the audio system, the air conditioning as well as the transmission and engine control systems.

Normally the engine would power those functions but Mazda’s innovation, which they have called i-Eloop, will help relieve the engine from those energy duties.

Mazda have said that they expect for fuel economy to be increased by five to ten percent with the help of this technology.

The production for the next-generation Mazda6 is projected to begin this August and sales are planned to begin in the first half of 2013.

The i-Eloop will not be exclusive to the Mazda6 however, it will be deployed across the company’s lineup, but details as to when other nameplates will be getting the technology are not known.

The Mazda6 follows in the footsteps of the CX-5 in regards to it receiving the full package of Skyactiv technologies – namely direct-injection engines, transmissions with increased efficiency as well as lightweight chassis and bodies.

They are obviously very happy about these technologies considering that they plan on having the full Skyactive package in about eighty percent of their vehicles by March of 2016. They plan to realize this by increasing the production of their Skyactiv engines to 800.000 per year.

Mazda have taken these steps as a result to the higher global demand for the CX-5, which will also see an increase in production by 40.000 units per year.

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