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McLaren launches pre-owned vehicle program


Many petrol-heads tend to dream to at least drive a supercar sometime during their lifetime, let alone actually own one. Well supercar maker McLaren has just created their first approved scheme for pre-owned vehicles. This means that one can now purchase a previously owned McLaren vehicle that has been given a once-over by the manufacturer.

The program is called McLaren Qualified and follows in the footsteps of other luxury brands such as Mercedes-Menz, Audi and BMW.

The goal of the pre-owned vehicle program is to ensure that the all the previously owned models that are sold through it are checked and qualified by McLaren-trained technicians and are then fully upgraded to the latest specifications including the 18kW power increase that the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine received last year.

The program doesn’t only allow potential owner to track down the latest approved models via a McLaren Qualified website, but purchasing a pre-owned vehicle through the program will mean that they will be joining the ‘McLaren Family’. This means that you will be granted access to an array of exclusive opportunities and offers meant to make your McLaren ownership experience more unique, such as the dedicated ‘Pure McLaren’ track days.

The McLaren Qualified program will also offer the option of personalization for those who buy a McLaren MP4-12C or 12C Spider through the McLaren Special Operations unit with some preferential rates. The carmaker continued to say that upgrades will also be available to every customer up to four weeks from handover and they call be customized for each and every car.

And one more thing to make the option even more appealing is that the Qualified vehicles will also be covered under a minimum two-year/unlimited-kilometers comprehensive factory warranty as well as roadside assistance.

The program is mean to maintain a very tight control of pre-owned vehicles so as to maintain exclusivity and customer experience high.

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