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McLaren P1 official figures have high claims


We have some official figures coming for the McLaren P1 which reveal that the supercar will be capable of going from 0 to 100km/h in a brisk 2.9 seconds and reach 200km/h in a rather staggering 6.8 seconds.

These quite incredible figures were released to coincide with the first customer-bound model rolling through the assembly station this week.

The McLaren P1 was first unveiled at the 2013 Geneva motor show, it is mostly made up of carbonfibre and packs a twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 producing 587kW and 719Nm. The engine will work in concert with a lightweight electric motor and will result to a combined output of 673kW.

Those numbers are quite impressive, especially when you consider that the McLaren P1 is just a bit over 1360kg.

The P1 is the third model in the range and is capable of getting to 300km/h in a whopping 16.5 seconds. When compared with the celebrated naturally aspirated V12-powered McLaren F1, it will be a considerable 5.5 seconds quicker.

In terms of competition, the German rival, the Porsche 918 Spyder, is just as quick to 100km/h, but the P1 is two-tenths faster to reach 200km/h and a staggering 6.5 seconds faster to 300km/h. The Italian competitor, the LaFerrari, mirrors the P1 until 300km/h where the Ferrari gets there 1.5 seconds faster.

We have to mention that the speed is electronically limited to 350km/h.

The McLaren P1, despite the ballistic performance will still return a claimed 8.3L/100km, with CO2 emissions of 194g/km. The electric motor is capable of providing a range of 11km in full electric mode with zero emissions. Interesting enough, the braking figures for the P1 are just as jaw dropping as its acceleration times.

The P1 comes with a bespoke Akebono carbon ceramic braking system, the McLaren can go from 100km/h to standsill over a distance of 30.2 metres.

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