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Mercedes may or may not leave Formula 1

We’ve talked a bit about the different decisions that have to be made in difficult economic times as a reason for many carmakers starting to look into research and development for increasingly fuel efficient engines, and to go into the electrified vehicle terrain.

When it comes to motor sports, we’ve also talked about entire race tracks facing bankruptcy, and now it may seem that we’ll be seeing the first major Formula 1 racing team pulling out from the series.

Now this shouldn’t come as much of a shock seeing as how Dodge pulled out of the NASCAR Spring Cup, even though they had just developed a new car for that series, however while NASCAR has a limited market to North America pretty much, Formula 1 is much more of a global thing and hence why we’re reporting on it.

There are some rumors going around that Mercedes may be ending its involvement with the Formula 1 series, or at least will do so partially.

The reasons behind the rumors are many and quite convoluted, the basic idea being that Mercedes-Benz might be trying to find a way of not investing money in a team, while still making money and some notoriety from the series.

The main motive behind these rumors seems to be the fact that Mercedes has not signed the new Concorde Agreement – which Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull have signed – which would give preferential treatment to those teams that have signed it and also have them on Formula 1’s parent company’s board.

Now how could they make money and gain notoriety if they’re not fielding a team you may ask. Well Mercedes will still field engines for several teams, such as McLaren and Force India, and this might be the reason behind changing the team’s name from Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 to just AMG F1 for the following year.

Now of course what we’re talking about here are rumors, and Mercedes is denying them, however it is interesting to keep an eye on what will happen next.

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