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Mini Jeep news

Jeep has seen the steps taken by competitors Skoda and Ford and they’re planning to launch their own attack on the new sub-small SUV segment.

The new mini Jeep will be arriving in 2015 but the company’s president wants to assure their clients that it will in no way damage the tough and rugged image that Jeep has made for itself throughout the decades.

At least one of the new models will be trail-rated, so off-road capabilities will still exist even within the relatively diminutive size of this mini Jeep.

Initial reports about the tiny Jeep said that it was built off the same base as the Fiat Panda, however Mike Manley, the president of Jeep denied this; he did however mention that it was a Fiat-derived platform, so we at least know that.

The initial Fiat platform was not designed to go off-road, however the Fiat engineers and the Jeep engineers started working together on modifying the current platform so that it can deal with a reasonable off road distance.

Now this mini Jeep won’t have the same trail rating as, say a Wrangler would, but this will be the best off-road ability in its vehicle class.

They plan on making both left- and right-hand drive versions of the new Jeep, as well as create more affordable front-drive model which will also come with petrol and diesel engines for the European market.

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