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More Eastern European winter destinations

Romania - Sinaia

The winter season is eagerly awaited by a large swath of people all across the world, especially by those who love to engage in some winter specific activities, such as skiing or snowboarding and the like. As part of our series of articles talking about the various locations and activities that one can engage in during this cold season, we’re returning to a a region of Europe that still features a lot of still ‘hidden’ destinations: Eastern Europe.

Large areas of this region are still rather ‘wild’, not in the Alaska sense of wild, but in the sense that while there is human presence, and resorts and well groomed ski tracks and whatnot, there are not that many sophisticated spas or five star restaurants, pampering isn’t part of the experience. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find great accommodations or food, far from it, but the entire thing is much more geared towards those looking for an adventurous and active holiday.


Romania – Sinaia

The mountain resort of Sinaia is located in Prahova County and is one of the most popular skiing resorts in the country, a reputation awarded by its large ski area, the largest in the country as well as the biggest skiable vertical.

Named after the Biblical Mount Sinai, the resort owes a large chunk of its popularity to the fact that it is very close to the country’s capital, Bucharest, however that wouldn’t count for much if the place didn’t actually have something to offer. Aside from the plethora of winter sports once can expect to be able to engage in, the town features a lot of historic, artistic and cultural treasures, after all it has a castle on its map, and not a medieval sort of fortress, no this is a castle that was inhabited by the Romanian Royal Family up till the end of the Second World War, it’s rather fairy-tale like.


Croatia – Mount Sljeme

located in the Medvednica mountain, this is Croatia’s most popular resort, situated in a wonderful region and at only a twenty minute drive from the capital, the place is wonderful. Skiing is very popular here and this has lead to the track being open at night as well, so for those who love night skiing, it’s a great opportunity.


Moscow – Russia

This location will warrant a larger article in the future, but it should be noted here as well because the Russian Federation’s capital is absolutely stunning after a heavy snowfall, and this being Russia, that is bound to happen several times during the winter. There are just so many things to see and do here, from visiting museums, to enjoying the many festivals which celebrate the coming of winter, to just taking in the Slavic atmosphere, it’s truly a unique experience.

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