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Nissan is ready for hydrogen

Nissan Terra Concept

We’re getting a lot of revealed concepts and models before their official unveilings which will take place at this year’s Paris Motor Show starting towards the end of September.

Today we’ll be talking about the Nissan Terra concept, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV from the Japanese carmaker.

The concept vehicle is supposed to be evidence that Nissan is ready to mass-produce this type of zero-emission cars once hydrogen becomes a readily available fuel source – and considering the prospects for that, they’ll have to wait a while.

The Terra is more of a general design concept rather than a technical exhibit, however the all-wheel drive electric powertrain is fully operational and quite ready for real world conditions.

The front wheels are powered by the same electric propulsion system which is currently in use by the Nissan Leaf EV, while the rear wheels actually feature in-wheel motors to provide a lot of drive flexibility to the driver as needed.

The in-wheel motors are meant to do away with the need for a drive shaft which at the same time allow for a flatter cabin floor and a simpler and cleaner underbody.

Under the bonnet you’ll see a very flat hydrogen fuel cell stack, which the Japanese carmaker says can develop 2.5kW per litre. This would be the highest power density developed by a hydrogen fuel cell, however the price of this new fuel cell stack is only one-sixth of its 2005 counterpart.

The Terra was designed to be a functional and very flexible choice for the consumer of the future, combining eco-friendliness and a very secure driving experience in all road conditions.

Talking about the consumer of the future; the interior looks very sleek and curvy, featuring wood and silver metal surfaces, as well as some very curvy seats, looking somewhat like a design more out of Star Trek than anything else.

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