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Opel to dump their premium pricing structure

Opel Mokka

Times are tough all around, it would appear that even General Motors’ European divisions CEO has noticed it when the premium pricing strategy for Open and Vauxhall pretty much failed. As a result of this, both brands will phase out the upmarket pricing structure in order to do a better job at appealing to more mainstream customers.

They’re looking to regain their traditional customer base because, in their words, they’ve moved Opel up too fast and as evidenced by this decision, it was not the right path to take. Their future models will have to suffer some adjustments in order to make them more affordable to a wider customer base.

The interesting thing is that this revision won’t impact the planned 11 billion Euro investment by GM into new products through to 2014 which are planned to create 23 all-new or heavily updated models by 2016.

This different approach is spearheaded by the Opel Mokka sub-compact SUV and the upcoming Opel Adam micro city care, both of which are being expected to be sold in Europe at competitive prices with their other mainstream competitors, such as Ford and Mazda.

Australian showrooms are going to open their doors in September with the launches of the Corsa light car, the small Astra and the medium/large insignia, however it should be noted that Opel Australia has yet to reveal pricing details but it’s rather possible that they’ll be more expensive than the comparative models of their sister company, Holden – time will tell.

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