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Places to visit in 2012 – Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and was once the home of the largest ship building industry on the globe, despite these credentials it is not Scotland’s capital and for a long time the area stagnated.

That is no longer true, as the city has spent the past decade and more redeveloping about 130 acres of derelict shipyard and unused dockland in order to restore some of the waterway’s former glory.

The place of rusting shipyard ruins has been taken by a riverside walkway featuring steel street furniture, various maritime paraphernalia and cobblestones from Victorian Glasgow. There are lime trees planted along both sides of the esplanade and bicycle paths have been installed throughout. The Riverside Museum features a ferry stop which has recently seen its one-millionth visitor, marking the first time in half a century that this section of the river has had a regular passenger service.

Glasgow has also worked hard to transform its reputation, in recent years the city has been awarded a variety of titles such as European City of Culture in 1990, City of Architecture and Design in 1999, as well as Capital of Sport in 2003, not to mention the fact that Glasgow is only the second Scottish city to join the UNESCO Creative Cities initiative by becoming a UNESCO City of Music alongside Bologna and Seville.

The city of Glasgow manages to incorporate the old with the new in a very organic fashion, both the inside and the outside of the city featuring great examples of Victorian influenced architecture.

Glasgow is now one of the most visited places in the British Isles, it features arguably the best shopping opportunities outside of London, all of which alongside great parks, museums as well as access to the Highlands and the Islands.

And if you needed any more convincing about the city’s pulling power and capacity for visitors, Glasgow will also be one of the host cities of the London 2012 Olympics.

Not enough is said however, of the Glaswegian hospitality which is best found in the many pubs, clubs and bars where everybody is welcomed and the live entertainment offered throughout the city will satisfy any wishes or preferences, whether it’s folk, Celtic, jazz or modern music, you’ll surely find a venue.

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