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Places to visit in 2012 – Wales

Conwy Castle in Wales

Wales features a culture very different from the rest of the United Kingdom, it is a country very rich both in history as well as natural beauty which features a staggering 641 castles, more than any other place in Europe.

Wales is a land of magic and myth, where you’re encouraged to visit their historic buildings and ruins, climb the towers, walk the ancient walls and explore the dungeons, it’s a very interesting place to visit.

Royal connections abound here as this is the home of Prince William of Wales and the art of old-fashioned hospitality is thriving but with modern amenities of course.

One of the main attractions of the country is its spectacular scenery given by its natural beauty, the Welsh have become very environmentally conscious and they’ve designated several parts of the Welsh countryside as “national parks” or “areas of outstanding natural beauty”.

All of these make Wales a great destination for visitors who are into outdoors activities and hiking in general, the place is well known for its many hiking trails which offer great views of the rugged highlands and cliff-hemmed coasts. Knowing this, a major hiking path has been in the works for a while meant to connect several different paths, the Wales Coast Path should be done by May 2012 and this will create a 1,030-mile pedestrian route almost circling the country. The path follows the Atlantic and the Irish sea and passes medieval castles and threads through cities; in several places it will be open to both cyclists as well as horseback riders, since both these activities are very popular in the region.

Considering the fact that the place features so many castles, you’re bound to stumble across a few during your trip there, but as it is with anything and everything, there are a couple that you shouldn’t miss.

Caerphilly Castle for instance should not be missed, it would be hard to do so anyway, being the second-larges castle in Britain and dominating the town of Caerphilly – which is just eight miles away from Cardiff – some say that the ghost of Princess Alice known as the Green Lady still roams its halls.

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