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Popular Caribbean beaches

Typical Caribbean waters

There are many things that attract visitors to the Caribbean, mainly of which is the weather, the sun and the sand; the important factor to keep in mind however, is that the Caribbean weather is pretty much the same all year long, so if you want to leave your cold winter region for some fun and relaxation in the sun, then the Caribbean is always available.

While many people have heard of the Caribbean, many more have heard of individual islands that make up the crescent-shaped group of islands which make up the Caribbean, and today we are going to talk about a few more prominent places in the Caribbean, ideal for beach lovers.

Cruise ships have been docking here for a very long time, ships of every size from the largest cruise liners to the smallest sailboats have been making the rounds in and around this general region for the past couple of decades and this means that pretty much any port or beach is accessible nowadays, however we’ll be talking about some of the more popular ones.


Jamaica – Ocho Rios

Almost everybody has heard of Jamaica, but not many people realize that it is part of the Caribbean. The island is well known for having lots of great beaches, very popular with both the native inhabitants as well as tourists, but for those who want to avoid the crowded public beaches and the ever-present peddlers, they should head for Reggae Beach. Accessing this private quarter-mile long stretch of sand will only cost you five dollars per person, and this will get you beach chairs, bathroom facilities and obviously fewer crowds.


Bahamas – Nassau

The Bahamas is a well-known spot for its wonderful beaches featuring soft white sand and clear blue waters, but most visitors here will head for the very popular Cable Beach, the more private alternative being paying thirty dollars per person in order to use the grounds at the famous Atlantis resort, however this is the Bahamas and with a little bit of diligence you can find some great beaches that are just slightly farther away but just as beautiful, not to mention the fact that they will be less crowded.

Once such example is called Caves Beach, located at about seven miles from downtown Nassau, this beach is almost never crowded, mostly because it doesn’t have any facilities so make sure you pick up enough food and drink before you leave Nassau.


Cayman Islands – Grand Cayman

The island’s Seven Mile Beach – which in reality is only about five and a half miles – is a beautiful stretch of sand bordered by a gentle sea on one side and a slew of bars, restaurants and shops on the other.

The parts most near to the resorts and hotels will obviously be a bit more crowded, however the farther away you get from those the less-crowded the beach becomes. Cemetery Beach is the location of a great reef where you can do some of the best snorkelling in the region.



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