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Protect your paint job with a new type of protective foil

We’ve only briefly touched on car paint on this blog, but that doesn’t mean that a paint job is not an important part of the car. Quite the contrary, it is crucial for its aesthetics as well as reflecting the owner’s personality to some extent, and nobody likes or wants scratches on it. In fact, willingly scratching someone’s car is seen as an action sometimes taken in retribution, so a car’s paint is quite important.

The thing is that, nothing lasts forever, and while you expect wear and tear to creep steadily into your car’s moving parts, sometimes the pain becomes nothing more than a secondary or even tertiary component, in the sense that you don’t think about it as you might think about your gear-box, your transmission or your brakes.

This is partly because your paint job is at the mercy of both the elements as well as human hands, but that’s where a German foil specialist come sin. Cam-Shaft has been working on an interesting product meant to offer some additional protection and delay the element of nature for a while.

They’ve developed a new type of transparent foil meant to cover and protect the most exposed parts of your vehicle’s body. However, unlike the more conventional color wraps, this new type of adhesive foils is not made of PVC, instead it is made of PU – polyurethane – which, according to the company, is softer and more absorbent than the same kind of material initially created for the airline industry to protect the propellers and rotor blades from foreign objects.

The Cam-Shaft product features “extremely high transparency” – according to the producer, thus offering nearly invisible protection while still maintaining the initial depth effect of the original paint.

The foil comes in a width of 152cm which means that it can cover considerably larger surfaces than traditional laminations, while maintaining a thickness of 150 microns.

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