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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Known to many for its wonderful beaches and great weather, Puerto Rico is one of the most vibrant and alive islands in the Caribbean, it’s a place that is awash in music, from many genres, pretty much non-stop.

The inhabitants of the island have perfected the activity of having fun almost to the level of an art form, as much for themselves as well for the visitors to the island who are more than welcomed to join with the festivities. Puerto Ricans are some of the world’s greatest hosts because of the pride and love that they have for their home and this is something that shines through to visitors.

The weekends are especially eventful because it seems that there’s always something happening, whether it’s an art fair, a pig roast or a volleyball competition, there’s something happening on some part of the island that you can get involved in.

Puerto Rico is mostly known for its wonderful beaches, and that reputation is very well deserved, but the place offers so much more, there are mountains, rainforests and a vibrant culture which can be found wherever you’ll go, a culture that mixes Caribbean, Hispanic, African and U.S influences.

One of the many interesting sights that the island offers are the remnants of what used to be a major industry on the island, coffee growing. The place still produces and exports some very high-quality coffee, but the present quantities are a far cry from its heyday in the late 19th century. What has remained from those days are wonderfully elegant old haciendas which can be found perched in the rural hills of the island. Many of these haciendas have been maintained and reconditioned to house visitors and tourists looking for the island’s less commercial atmosphere.

It should also be noted that the inhabitants have managed, with a lot of effort, to protect large parts of their most unique features from large scale developers, such as the Pinones Mangrove Forest – this is one of the last virgin forests in the region. Puerto Ricans aren’t only proud of their island but they’re also proud of their culture and heritage and they understand the importance of protecting what allowed them to be who they are today.

As far as the best time to visit Puerto Rico, the peak season is between December and March, and this is due to lots of reasons. First of all that’s when winter hits the Northern Hemisphere and also when temperatures are at their ideal on the island, however keep in mind that the beaches will crowded and the prices will be higher during this period. The summer isn’t considered peak season because the temperatures won’t be for everyone, if you’re planning to visit the island on a budget consider going during the autumn, that’s when prices will be at their lowest however the chances of a hurricane will be at their highest.

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