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Qoros – New Chinese luxury brand

The 2013 Geneva Motor show, slated for March will feature the world debut of a brand-new Chinese luxury car company: Qoros.

Qoros came to be thanks to the partnership between China’s largest independent car maker – Chery Automobile – and Israel Company, a global industrial holding company. The aim of the new car company is to successfully blend European car design features, high quality components and safety credentials, with the financial benefit of low-cost Chinese assembly capabilities.

Up till now the new company has secured the support of serious global suppliers such as Magna, Steyr, TRW, Continental, Bosch, Vale, Microsoft and Iconmobile, all of which contributed to a range of vehicles baser around an advanced modular platform.

This modular platform allows for new models and variants to be quickly rolled out, and this includes hybrids and electric vehicles. This is part of their overall plan, as they have said they’re going to roll out new models and variants every six months, after the brand is introduced in 2013.

The new company will launch a brand with a compact four-door sedan designed by none other than Gert Volker Hilderbrand, the former design director for Mini. In fact he has been appointed as the executive director of design at Qoros and he said that he is developing a design language inspired by modern European tastes.

This sedan will feature interior space comparable to that of a larger car, and more interestingly, will also be sold in Europe, as part of the compact segment – sales in Europe are expected to start in 2014.

Qoros have said that their vehicles will distinguish themselves through their strong focus on state-of-the-art technology and very high levels of user-friendliness and in-car connectivity, so much-so that they will be able to challenge other luxury European brands.

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