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Seaside destinations for this July

Turkey – Kusadasi

Turkey - Kusadasi


Kusadasi is one of Turkey’s premier holiday spots and for good reasons, its typical Mediterranean climate combined with its position on the west coast of Turkey and proximity to important historical sites such as Ephesus and Didyma make this resort-town a great choice for both sun bathers and sightseers alike.

The place receives generous portions of sunlight for around 300 days of the year and this makes the atmosphere of the whole place to be very laid back and relaxed. This is of course helped by the many powdery beaches and the clear and warm water. On the other hand if you are interested in a more active holiday, windsurfing, water skiing and beach volley are just some of the choices that can satisfy your requirements.

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Spain – Malaga

Spain - Malaga


Malaga is a large city in the world renown southern Spanish region called Andalucia. This city acts as the gateway to the entire region and while some may see it as just another Spanish town it is considerably more if you take your time to explore it.

Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso as well as the city that gave its name to the world famous sweet wine produced here, at the same time it is a city steeped in history featuring some of the region’s most famous Moorish monuments such as the citadels of Alcazaba and Gibralfaro.

Malaga is a great destination thanks to its warm and friendly people, spectacular weather and great food.

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Africa – Zanzibar

Africa - Zanzinbar


The name of Zanzibar applies to an archipelago off the coast of Africa. It is made up of two large islands and several smaller ones but Zanzibar being the largest one it have its name to the entire archipelago.

This destination is equal parts exotic, romantic and intriguing, featuring sunshine combined with coral reefs and sparkling clear waters which in turn are helped by great beaches to create a unique atmosphere of adventure and drama. In days long past these were known as the “Spice Islands” but that reputation can still be felt in the air thanks to the sweet fragrances of cloves, ylang-ylang, cinnamon and ginger which are still felt all across the island.

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England – Bournemouth

England – Bournemouth


While it may not sound as a very familiar summer holiday destination, this city located on the English southern coast is one of the most popular destinations in the region.

This vibrant seaside resort-town offers a variety of entertainment choices ranging from theme parks to theaters and shows as well as great restaurants and what appear to be everlasting landscapes.

This is a resort-town with history having been extremely popular over a century ago during the Victorian era when the cream of society would flock to the region’s pine forest landscape and luxurious accommodations.

The first spa hotel was built in 1885 and they haven’t stopped since, nowadays pretty much all of the bigger hotels offer spa treatments not to mention the many spa and beauty boutiques which can be found all throughout the town.


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France – Nice

France - Nice


Nice has been a very popular tourist destination for many decades, due to it being located on the world renown Cote d’Azur. The city offers its visitors a great combination of an old town with its serpentine alleyways, an opera house, museums and markets, all of which are constantly buzzing with locals and tourists.

The beach experience of Nice is something particular, not exactly what you may expect. The beaches feature palm-lined boulevards which are absolutely great but the beaches themselves are actually covered with flat stones and pebbles mostly, despite this however the light blue sea is great for a swim and people can still sunbathe with the help of thick towels and a bit of stone re-arranging.

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