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Subaru’s new driver assist system features


We have new information from Subaru about its next-generation Eye Sights system, featuring a number of new driver-assist functions meant to improve vehicle safety.

The EyeSight is Subaru’s crash prevention system, designed to prevent low-speed collisions via the use of stereo cameras to measure the distances and recognize objects surrounding the car, including other vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and lane lines.

According to the Japanese car maker, the EyeSight system will also introduce colour recognition capability as well as an increased viewing angle and distance. The color recognition will allow vehicles to recognize brake lights and red traffic lights, this function, in combination with Subaru’s adaptive cruise control system, can actually bring a car to a complete stop if the system deems it necessary.

Subaru also plans to introduce Active Lane Keep as a standard with the EyeSight. The system comprises two functions, Lane Keeping Assist, meant to keep the driver in the middle of their lane, as well as Lane Departure Prevention Assist, which will alert drivers if their car is drifting outside lane lines by applying force to the steering wheel.

The EyeSights will come packaged with many other systems, all of them designed to minimize the chance of a driver to be involved in a low-speed collision. These other systems will include: Active Lane Keep, Pre-Collision Braking Control – this one can automatically brake an EyeSight-equipped car at speeds up to 50km/h, Adaptive Cruise Control, Pre-Collision Reverse Throttle Management – this one restricts abrupt rapid reverses, and Hazard Avoidance Assist – which steers cars away from objects with which there’s an imminent collision is possible.

Last month, Subaru’s current-gen EyeSight rated on top of an international driver-assist systems test, beating out similar systems from the likes of Mercedes and Volvo. The vehicles equipped with this system include certain Forester, Liberty and Outback models.

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