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Suzuki reveals four new concept cars


The Japanese manufacturer Suzuki has just unveiled four new concept vehicles ahead of their world debut at next month’s Tokyo motor show.

The concepts were based on the slogan of ‘Small Cars for a Big Future’, Suzuki saying that the concepts represent what is currently in demand so this means that they should be available in the near future.

The Crosshiker is an 810kg compact crossover powered by a freshly developed 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine. Based around a lightweight platform first used to underpin the G70 concept first seen at the 2011 Tokyo motor show; according to the company the Crosshiker is meant for adults while also keeping playfulness in mind.

The X-Lander is based around the fourth-wheel-drive Suzuki Jimny and it is a hybrid concept which combines a 1.3-litre engine, an electric motor and a new type of interestingly called ‘automatically controlled manual transmission’. The goal of this concept is to blend off-road power with mechanical precision, Suzuki says that they want drivers of the X-Lander to use it both in urban environments as well as ‘to play in the field’.

The Hustler – a name that is at least interesting from a western point of view – will be shown in both standard and a four-door coupe body styles. The aim with the Hustler is to create a practical crossover meant for people who love the outdoors, nature and who tend to be more active in general. This model will feature several SUV-style touches such as a protective front underbody skidplate and plastic wheel-arch cladding. The overall goal of the model will be to offer a spacious, comfortable and useful interior.

The fourth concept will be the four-wheel-drive Suzuki iV-4 which was unveiled at last month’s Frankfurt motor show.

The 43rd Tokyo motor show will start on the 20th of November.

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