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Tesla CEO doesn’t think recall is needed to address Model S fires


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that there will surely not be a recall made for the Model S electric vehicle, even after the third report that such a model has caught fire.

He denied the allegations that the Tesla Model S is actually facing similar problems to those that the Fisker Karma hybrid car did. Musk stated at a conference in New York that the Tesla models are still about five times less likely to have a fire than the average gasoline car, while also adding that the media’s reaction to the Model S fires has been ‘extremely inaccurate and unreasonable’. He said that the headlines are extremely misleading because if fire risk is one’s concern, it would be a hard task to find a safer car than the Model S.

We talked about how a third Model S caught on fire in Tennessee last week, thus raising concerns about the safety of the electric vehicle following an accident. According to the owner and the police, the car caught on fire when a piece of metal debris in the middle of the road tore into the car’s underside and hit the lithium-ion battery pack. The driver did mention that the flames never penetrated the vehicle’s cabin and that he was able to safely pull over and leave the car safely, as well as unlock it when fire fighters arrived on the scene.

A second Model S fire started in a different Model S in Seattle – that incident was caught on camera, and a separate incident occurred in Mexico, when another Model S broke out in flames following a collision with another car.

But ultimately, a Model S recall decision might actually be made even against Tesla’s will. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could make that decision for them.

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