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Tesla’s third fire


Things aren’t looking as good as they once were for Tesla Motors because a third fire has been confirmed in less than two months from the last Model S catching fire after being involved in an accident. The news first appeared on the Tesla Motor Club website this past Wednesday and then photos appeared on Instagram. Once the world spread, Tesla Motors stock started declining by six percent on the next day. The fire took place in Smyrna, Tennessee, which is at about four miles from where Nissan assembles their Leaf EV. According to the police the cause of the fire might have been running over a piece of metal debris, the same cause of one of the earlier Model S fires. A spokesperson from Tesla confirmed the incident and also said that the company is in contact with the owner and is starting an investigation into the matter. A Tesla team had been sent to Tennessee to learn more about what happened in the accident and more information will be provided when they will be able to do so. What we do know is that the fire was not spontaneous and that it was not the result of a collision. The speed of the car is yet unknown when the accident occurred byt it is thought that the vehicle ran over a piece of metal, what is known is that the driver was able to safely pull over and exit the car without incurring any injuries. The first fire of a Model S took place outside of Seattle, Washington when a piece of metal in the road punctured the front battery pack’s protective armor plating. The second fire was in Merida, Mexico, when the Model S burned after crashing through a concrete wall and then hitting a tree. We should mention that in neither those accidents no injuries were reported and that the owners wish to replace their cars with another Model S.

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