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The Bahamas

The Bahamas - Exuma island

The Bahamas have been one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for a solid couple of decades now, their association with an island paradise, clear waters, clear skies and drinks with umbrellas in them, have made these islands a favorite amongst generations of visitors.

The Bahamas are made up of about seven hundred islands, of different sizes and each offering particular attractions, this means that the place truly does offer something for everyone.

Those who are interesting in kayaking or kite-boarding have Exumas at their disposal, there are hundreds of cays that swoosh over about a 120-mile span of crystal-clear blue waters. This island is like a natural playground that is anchored by coves and wildlife populated reefs. This is a great place for all sort of seaside adrenaline junkies.

There are a few Exumas islands, and while they aren’t exactly undeveloped, the few developments that can be found there are truly top notch, including a massive Four Seasons resort which features a golf course designed by Greg Norman.

Diving is one activity that many people visit the Bahamas for, the Andros island is one that is very popular amongst diving enthusiasts.

Harbour Island is a particularly interesting and weird destination, it’s a place where you’ll find roosters alongside golf carts walking around each minding their own business. It’s also a place where the visitors mingle a lot as well, being known for its popularity with Wall Streeters and super-models but also with kite-surfers.

Those who travel with their kids can head for Paradise Island where they’ll find the Aquaventure and a series of aquariums which will entertain your children and you for many hours.

Fishing is of course a great pass time here and a major pull to the area for visitors as well, one interesting example of this being Kamalame Cay, which offers some pretty unique fishing opportunities for those interested in bone-fishing.

These have been just a very few examples of what the Bahamas has to offer its visitors, there are surely many more things, interests and activities that you can engage in while there, you can’t really go wrong with a trip to the Bahamas for a good time in the sun.

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