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The BMW i3 Coupe concept

The LA motor show is almost upon us, and we’re seeing quite a few vehicles being unveiled in preparation for it, and the BMW i3 Coupe concept is just one such vehicle, a three-door twin to the five-door electric car which is due in late 2013.

This latest concept teaser for their new range of i-badge cars features a steeply raked windscreen, a tapering roofline and a pair of longer doors, which actually look more production ready than its five-door i3 relative’s, which are mostly made of glass.

The i3 Coupe, which was thought to be unveiled as the i4 actually, will be made with the same carbon fibre-reinforced plastic as its relative and BMW mentioned that this will help to dispense with a B-pillar for easier access to the rear seats.

The concept will share the same 2570mm wheelbase, however it will be slightly longer at 3964mm, with a width of 1768mm and a height of 1555mm.

The Coupe will sit on 20-inch alloys, featuring low-profile, low-rolling-resistance tyres.

The power will come from the same drivetrain, the proprietary-designed electric motor supplied by a lithium-ion battery pack incorporated into the floor which will produce 125kW and 250Nm.

The German carmaker hasn’t yet stated a performance figure for their Coupe concept but three driving modes will be included and changeable via the Driving Experience Control switch located on the centre console. The default mode is Comfort, which provides both sportiness and comfort, while the Eco Pro mode will decrease the throttle response and improve the efficiency of the heating and ventilation system. When using this mode, the range of the i3 can be improved by about twenty percent, when compared with the Comfort mode. Keep in mind that the car’s estimated range on a full charge is 160km.

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