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The Dacia Lodgy was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2012

Dacia Lodgy

The country of Romania has been known in recent years in the auto industry, as something of a starting point for the low-cost car trend that has been increasing in popularity in recent years and that has been spreading all throughout Europe, reaching its most Western of countries.

At the beginning of the year we reported on the new Dacia Lodgy pictures being released by its manufacturer and we also mentioned that the new Dacia model will be revealed during the Geneva Motor Show.

Everything has gone according to plan and the new model was revealed on the 6th of March in Switzerland and alongside the details that we previously reported on there have been some new additions.

During the presentation conference that took place it was also announced that future projected Dacia models such as the Logan 2 and the Sandero and Duster facelifts will be based around the same overall platform as the Lodgy is.

The Lodgy garnered a lot of attention during and more importantly after the conference, as tens of people queued in order to have a sit behind the wheel and experience its interior for themselves.

Further detail that were announced related to the new model is that its starting price for the local market with be 9.500 Euros including VAT, while the price will start at 9.900 Euros for Western Europe.

The Lodgy is the first Dacia model to come equipped with parking sensors, cruise control, a multimedia system featuring a USB port as well an optional GPS which can be installed for an extra 300 Euros.

As far as the future is concerned, the target markets for the Dacia models will be the African ones, while the near future will see the new Logan model and the Sandero facelift revealed in Paris during the fall. While not the all of the features available on the Lodgy will be available on the Logan 2 this has been a careful decision as the manufacturer doesn’t want to create a “Christmas Tree” effect when it comes to the features.

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