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The Fiat 500e

The Fiat 500e has just been recently revealed ahead of its official unveiling at the 2012 Los Angeles Motor Show on November 30.

The first official images of the electric vehicle have been released, however Fiat have been very silent on the details of the model. What it has confirmed is that the Fiat 500e hatchback will go on sale in California starting with next year, and then in 2014 it will be sold in other markets as well.

The Fiat 500e distinguishes itself from the conventional petrol-powered model with a white lower front intake panel, some unique side skirts, aero-enhancing alloy wheels as well as rolling-resistance tyres.

The paint scheme is orange dominant with the white being just a slight accent, a theme which is inverted on the inside of the vehicle. White is dominant in the dashboard, the seats, the door liners as well as the centre console.

Most of the cabin is identical to that of the internal combustion-engine model, however in the 500e there’s a push-button gear selector and a revised instrument cluster.

We should note that the Fiat 500e has been a long time coming considering that it was first hinted at back in 2010 at the Detroit Motor Show when they showed the Fiat 500 BEV concept.

The 500e will be joined by the Abarth 500C in LA and in order to whet the appetite of the locals with a teaser video showcasing two examples of the topless pocket rocket burning down the race circuit in Austin, Texas.


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