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The Honda Uni-Cub, the future of personal mobility

Honda Uni-Cub Personal Mobily Device

The Honda Cub line of motorbikes has been a major part of Honda’s legacy to the automotive world, the Super Cub having been in constant production since 1958. obviously it has seen some upgrades and redesigned as the decades passed but having produced over sixty million units in 2008, the Super Cub is by far the most produced motor vehicle in the history.

We can’t expect Honda not to cherish their heritage and work towards bettering their legacy, and this is where the new Uni-Cub personal mobility device comes into play.

The Honda Uni-Cub is a very compact individual transport device which looks a lot like a unicycle as far as general looks and function go; the device basically offers the same freedom a movement a person would have just walking, the difference being that you will be seating on a comfortable saddle-style seat. The world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system uses Honda’s proprietary balance control technology so as to make this functionality possible.

The rider can control the speed, as well as the direction that they’re heading in, and of course the ability to turn and stop, all of which can be done by shifting one’s weight in the seat. The weight shifting is done very easily which in turn allows for the user to weave in an around other people quite easily.

The futuristic machine is propelled by a Lithium-ion battery and can generate speeds of up to 6 km/h and can go for about six kilometers. Considering the size and capabilities of the machine, users must be somewhere between forty and a hundred kilograms and between 150 to 190 cm tall.

It’s interesting to note that this trend towards electric individual mobility is not limited to Japan, with things like the Smart eScooter and eBike as well as Audi’s e-bike concept being recently revealed.

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